Networking Dinner and Info Session

Which will be held on:

Monday, January 18, 2016
06.30 p.m – 08.00 p.m
At Room 828, 8th Floor BINUS University – Anggrek Campus
Jl. Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 27, Kebon Jeruk
Jakarta Barat 11530

Registration :
Free of Charge and by Reservation


  • Disruptive Innovation Dynamics and Current Issues
    Abstract : Theoretical explanations of disruptive innovations is described beyond Solow-Swan model. Classical and \textit{quantum} version of the model is presented: Classical view is based on the theory of evolution, while quantum view leads into the conclusion that hyperfine splitting of capital is occurred due to the disruption and as a consequence is the excitation of capital and labour from the old into the new industry of disruption. The proposal is used to catch the next disruptive innovation and implemented to solve current issues such as MEA and TPP

Speaker :

  • Agung Trisetyarso, S.Si, M.Si, Ph.D
    Agung Trisetyarso, S.Si, M.Si, Ph.D., is a Faculty Member at Department of Computer Science, Doctoral Programme, Bina Nusantara University (2015-present) and was a Faculty Member at Department of Informatics, Telkom University (2011-2015).

He was awarded Bachelor of Science (Thesis: “Application of Darboux Transformation to solve Multisoliton Solution on Non-linear Schroedinger Equation”; Supervisor: Alexander Iskandar, Ph.D) and Master of Science from Department of Physics, Institut Teknologi Bandung. His Ph.D (September 2007 – April 2011) was obtained from Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics at Keio University, in the field of Quantum Information and Computation (Thesis: “Theoretical study towards realization of measurement-based quantum computers”) under supervision of Prof. Kohei M. Itoh and Prof. Rodney Van Meter.

He is actively to give presentations in various seminars, workshops, and conferences such at IEEE, ICTP (2010, 2012), Workshop of Quantum Repeaters and Networks, Duke University (2015), visiting professor at Chitkara University (2013), India, and visiting scholar at Isaac Newton Institute, University of Cambridge (2013-2014).


  • Ford Lumban Gaol – Deputy Head of DCS Program

During this event participants will:

  • Expand professional network;
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions about the topics;
  • Meet the faculty members of DCS Program; and
  • Be provided with an overview of the DCS Program that includes specific program goals, objectives, methodologies and scholarship information from Human Capital Department

We are hoping you will take some time to come to the Information Session on January 18, 2016. Please register if you are planning to attend.

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